"If they ever start a camp like Miss Daisy's for humans, I will be first in line!"
Eva Morgan

"The absolute love our lives, Vivienne, has been going to Miss Daisy's since we brought her home. When I turn on the street she gets all excited and forgets totally about me! She is the rock star of our family and Debbie and crew treat her the same way."
Tonya Bohannon

"They have such a passion for dogs and never cease to amaze me with their incredible creativity! I wouldn't leave him anywhere else!"
Jennifer Jacobs Roberts

"Bear loves his friends at Miss Daisy's Dog Camp.," she said. "It has become his second home. I can leave him there and know that he is safe, happy and loved! All I have to do is say the word "CAMP" and Bear is immediately racing to the car. Each time we turn onto the road in front of Miss Daisy's, Bear gets very excited. He literally leaps across the seat and has hit the horn on many occasions! Guess that is his way of letting Debbie and her awesome crew know that he has arrived!"
Diane Kaufman

"It is by far the best place I have ever seen for dog boarding. Dixie absolutely loves to go there. She cries when we turn onto Miss Daisy's street and cannot wait to get out of the car. It is such a good feeling to know when I am away my beloved pet is not only getting the very best care but also having a great time."
Lee Ann Viktorin

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