About the Facility

Miss Daisy’s Dog Camp is located midway between Tomball and The Woodlands about 30 miles north of Houston. Some of the camp amenities include-

  • 2 Acres of fenced play area
  • 1 acre open play yard used for activities and training – fully lighted for night time classes and playtime
  • 2 smaller fenced areas for low-energy play time, 1 mid-sized fenced area for more active group play
  • Multi-layer gate system for safety
  • Puppy playground equipment
  • All indoor accommodations are air conditioned and heated with ceiling fans
  • Plenty of windows for the campers that enjoy observing more than participating.
  • Radio or CD’s playing for nap and night time
  • General or doggy dorm room for those that like the company of others while resting
  • Private and semi-private suites for those that prefer more privacy while resting
  • Indoor play and training room with rubber matting
  • Accommodations for your pet’s own crate if that’s what they are used to at home
  • Awning over patios for shade along with lots of trees for shade
  • Owner lives on premises
  • Cameras in various facility areas viewed in owner residence

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