Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to start a training program with my dog?

The "best" way to train any dog of course depends on the dog and the owner. To determine what is best for you and your dog, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Debbie Oliver, the owner of Miss Daisy's. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed. She is able to work with dogs and owners in building a better relationship and learning how to instill good behaviors and eliminate undesired ones. Consultations can be performed at camp or in your home. Once, you and Debbie have determined what your goals are, she will recommend a training program for you.

Why does my dog need to go through an evaluation to come to the activity center?

Not all dogs are comfortable in a new environment. It takes a dog with a certain temperament and personality to do well in our activity center setting. An evaluation lets the staff determine if your dog will enjoy the play time and exercise at Miss Daisy's, or if it will require a program to introduce them to the environment more slowly. Our number one priority at all times is to make sure our campers are happy and healthy.

Can I tour your facility?

Potential customers can tour our facility provided they make an appointment. The health and happiness of our campers is always our number one priority and having "new and strange" humans walk through their space can get the campers overly excited. For this reason, we ask customers who want to tour our facility to make an appointment. This way, we can make sure dogs are put in secure locations for your tour. If you forgot to make an appointment, you can still view a large portion of our facility through a window in our office area.

What is your staff to camper ratio?

The average staff to camper ratio is 1:1/6. The campers are never left unattended during playtime, and the owner of Miss Daisy's lives on premises. So even on an overnight stay, there is someone on site.

Why does my dog need to come to the activity center once a month?

Dogs that visit Miss Daisy's regularly stay familiar with the staff, the other campers, the facility, and are much less likely to become overly stressed. Regular visits also make sure our staff stays familiar with your pet, their personality and their particular needs.

When my dog is boarded at Miss Daisy's, what is the experience like?

We ask that boarding dogs be dropped off in the morning, so they will have a full day of play before bedding down for the night. You should bring an adequate supply of your dog's food with written instructions. We are happy to accommodate any feeding rituals you have established. We feel it is best to make their stay at Miss Daisy's as close to what they experience at home as possible. Some dogs like to bring their own crates or a special blanket from home. (Just remember, we can't guarantee the blankets and toys will go home in the same condition in which they arrived.) During their stay, your dog will have a potty break and breakfast first thing in the morning followed by a customized play time alternated with periods of rest. Naps are an important part of the day for boarding dogs as well as activity center dogs to make sure they don't become overly tired. Boarding dogs are usually fed dinner at about 4:00 PM unless your instructions specify a different time. Typically between 6:00 and 7:00 PM, boarding dogs are put in their respective sleeping areas to calm down, and are given another potty break between 10 and 11PM before lights out. Then the fun begins again the following morning!

What happens if my dog becomes ill while at Miss Daisy's?

We will keep a record of your dog's veterinarian on file in our office. If we suspect illness we will contact you, the emergency contact you designated when you dropped your dog off, your dog's veterinarian or our on-call veterinarian to make sure your dog gets prompt medical attention.

My dog has never tried agility before. Can they attend your Just For Fun Agility class?

Yes! All the dogs who begin our Just For Fun Agility class have had no prior agility experience. Talk with Debbie the next time you're at camp and she can fill you in on the details. Your dog will need to have a basic level of obedience to really enjoy the class, but many dogs who have never been in a formal obedience class have done very well in this agility course. We'd love to have you join us! If you aren't sure whether this class is right for you and your pooch, you can schedule a 30-minute private consultation with Debbie on the agility equipment to give it a try before you sign up for a six-session class.

What do I need to do to get my dog started in FitPAWS?

Call us to schedule an evaluation visit. Almost all dogs can participate in FitPAWS. Because each session is custom designed to fit your dogs current fitness level, virtually any dog can do FitPAWS. You can then decide whether you want to continue, and if you do, you can book sessions singly when you have time. Of, if you know you want to make FitPAWS part of your dog's regular shedule, you can book a six-week package that includes one weekly session.

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