Debbie Oliver has been training dogs well before she opened Miss Daisy's. She has had numerous dogs in pet therapy, and trained her personal dogs to titles in obedience, flyball and agility using positive reinforcement methods. In September of 2010 she was knowledge and skills certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Women in the Pet Industry.

The main philosophy of training at Miss Daisy's is "remember to always have fun"!!! If you as the owner are not having fun, your pet certainly isn't, so we come up with all sorts of creative ways to keep the fun in training.

How to Get Started
Give us a call to speak to one of our trainers or you can email - with basic information and we will contact you. All training starts with an intial consultation either at your home or at our facility depending on age of the dog and your family's goals in training. Our trainers can travel up to 15 miles from our facility. At the initial consultation, we will go over some basic "How Dogs Learn" information and then get started with your list of behaviors to teach or problems you may be having.

Customized Private Training
Miss Daisy's offers private consultations both at camp, at your home and over the phone. Day training and board and trains are also available. In these programs, we train the initial behavior at camp and the owners practice them at home.

Every pet and every pet owner is different in what is considered important for training, so programs are much more successful if we tailor them specifically to your needs.

Before you Get Your Puppy
This 90 minute consult at your home is becoming more and more popular. We discuss how dogs learn because your puppy will learn from every interaction they have with you and your family, might as well help them to learn the things you would like to see more of!! We also help you set up your confinement areas, get your puppy shopping list set up, talk about what to expect the first couple nights.

Puppy Romper Room
Miss Daisy's Romper Room is a six-week puppy training program that instills the basics of good behavior in your new dog. All dogs need training, and a puppy's critical socialization period ends between 12 and 16 weeks of age. This means socializing your dog after 16 week is possible, but much more difficult. A puppy class is a great way to learn about socialization, potty training, crate training and so much more!

Your six-week program is preceded by a 90-minute in-home consult. The trainer will help you set up short-term and long-term confinement areas, go over potty training basics and the "go to your place" command. Weekly classes are centered around real-life places and activities. You'll also be added to a Romper Room facebook group where you can ask (and receive prompt answers to) questions 24-hours a day.

The Living Room - The Kitchen - The Groomer - The Vet's Office - An Outdoor Stroll - The Cafe

Romper Room is different from other puppy classes because it focuses on REAL LIFE TRAINING. What good is it for your dog to know how to sit if she can't do it when you really need her to, like at the vet's office or when you answer the door? Your puppy will learn to come when called, sit, down, stay, leave a treat alone, walk nicely on a leash, etc. But we also address the needs of the whole dog, not just obedience. You'll learn how to read your dog's body language to know when he's nervous or happy.

Class also helps with common puppy issues like mouthing, jumping and barking. You will learn how to PROPERLY socialize your puppy to help them lead the happiest, healthiest life they can. Class is limited to four or five puppies to ensure you receive all the individual attention your dog needs.

Romper Room Charm School
The addition of Charm School was developed for the owners that need help during their busy weeks. It includes

The Puppy Romper Room program:
Initial 90 minute in home consult
6 weekly classes
Facebook support group

6 weeks of 5 days per week (Monday- Friday) daycare/training
Charm School Daycare includes
    Potty Training
    Crate/Confinement Training
    Positive socialization exposure to
        New Environments
        Puppies and Adult Dogs
        Sounds, Smell and Sights
Charm School Training sessions includes
    Name recognition
    Leave it
    Recall (Come when called)
    Loose Lease Walking
Daily emails on progress

FitPAWS Canine Fitness Classes
FitPAWS is the newest addition to our training services. Most dogs are chronically under-exercised, and our FitPAWS program helps correct this deficiency. Each class uses a variety of tools and training techniques that can not only help keep your pooch well-exercised, but can improve balance and flexibility. Maintaining an appropriate level of fitness can prevent injuries BEFORE they occur and can keep your dog at a healthy weight.

FitPAWS is a great choice for competition dogs (think agility, dock diving, fly ball, herding, conformation, etc.) who need to maintain or improve balance, flexibility and strength. Also, because FitPAWS classes are conducted in our indoor training studio, they are appropriate for heat- or cold-sensitive breeds year-round.

But don't think it's just for high-level canine athletes. We have FitPAWS clients from across the doggie spectrum! Some owners have reported FitPAWS helped improve noise phobias in their dogs, helped them overcome anxiety about riding in the car, improved separation issues and even helped their pets through the grieving process of a beloved person or companion animal. Any age of dog can do FitPAWS. We have clients from puppies all the way to 15-year-old seniors.

FitPAWS is even a great way to have positive socialization experiences for new puppies. We've even used FitPAWS classes to help foster dogs learn to make friends with new people and thus be more adoptable!

Each session is tailored to your dog's ability and goals, so no two classes are ever the same.

Please Note:
Injured dogs who have completed their veterinarian's prescribed rehabilitation program and have a vet's release to exercise are always welcome in a FitPAWS class. However, FitPAWS is NOT a canine rehabilitation program and dog's with pre-existing injuries or medical conditions should consult their veterinarian to decide if this program is appropriate for them.

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